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Feng Zhenglin Greets Frontline Staff at Daxing Airport during the Spring Festival19/02/2021

On the morning of February 12, the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin arrived at Daxing Airport to send festivity greetings to frontline civil aviation staff.

Feng Zhenglin expressed that China’s civil aviation has been highly recognized by the central leadership, the people, and the international community, which cannot do without the dedication of all the staff in the prevention and control of the pandemic. Feng pointed out that the hard work of aviation staff has made it possible for the safety level of Daxing Airport to be among the top ones in the country. Many colleagues have chosen to stay where they work and live during the spring festival this year, and continued to work hard on their posts so that more passengers can return home safely for the Lunar New Year. Feng encouraged the staff who cannot return to their hometown to talk to their families by video calls and exercise more filial piety.

At the Daxing Airport Operation Center (AOC), Feng Zhenglin wished everyone a happy Lunar New Year with presents of small golden ox doll. He expressed gratitude to all the AOC staff working 24 hours a day to support the flights during the Spring Festival travel rush. On the ramp, Feng Zhenglin sent greetings to the crew members and maintenance personnel of Air China flight CA8615 (Daxing-Lanzhou), China Eastern Airlines flight MU5174 (Daxing-Nanchang), China Southern Airlines flight CZ8843 (Daxing-Chengdu), and China United Airlines flight KN5897 (Daxing-Guangzhou). Feng shook hands with them, sent them flowers and small presents, and took group photos.

At the west ATC Tower of Daxing Airport, Feng Zhenglin learned about the work of ATC staff and the ramp control room. He expressed that Daxing Airport has been in operation for more than a year, and the ATC center has accumulated experience and made achievements in enhancing flight regularity, developing airspace resources, and controlling air traffic flow. Daxing Airport is the first one in the country in which the ramp was controlled by the airport management authority since its very beginning of the operation. In the new year, we need to further intensifying the building of the safe, efficient, smart, and coordinated air traffic control, so as to improve the efficiency of airport operations and ensure the flight regularity rate. Feng also sent greetings to the armed police and staff in the aviation security entities.

Feng Zhenglin encouraged everyone to promote the spirit of the ox in serving the people, driving innovative development and working tirelessly in the new year. He pointed out that we should focus on one flight after another and one link after another to ensure the safe operation of Daxing Airport. In this way we could garner a good start for a new chapter of the drive for the country with a strong civil aviation sector and the 14th Five-Year Plan period, and to make new contributions to the centenary of the founding of the Party.